Monday, 3 September 2012

The Daily Mail don't know what Lewis Hamilton's brother looks like

The Daily Mail has been on Lewis Hamilton's case since he burst into the F1 scene.  If they not bemoaning his Monaco residency that deprives the schooling system he benefited from of millions of pounds in tax it's they are chasing bints he's partying with for a scoop and ultimately try to attribute his off track life to his poor track perfomance.  This is despite the fact that his teammate, Jenson Button, also has Monaco as his primary residence for tax purposes yet he never gets criticised.

Lewis Hamilton and brother Nicolas
 It's a shame they don't invest the same amount of vigour and anthusiasm in the accuracy of their reporting.  They published the above picture to go with this story and claimed the man next to his girlfriend, Nicole Shrezinger, was his brother, Nicolas.  His brother is a prominent racing driver himself and I'd imagine his picture is a couple of mouse clicks away.  The man is Lupe Fiasco, an American rapper who is Lewis' friend.

I know, Daily Mail, black people look the same.  How were you to know?  In the future, ask the work experience kids who are working for you for free until they go back to school.  They listen to "black music".

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