Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Talk Radio 702 Twitter account operator fail

Radio 702 would like us to believe that they are a world class radio station.  The truth is they're just a radio arm of a corporation and their purpose is to sell advertising and they hire people to talk between these adverts.  And they should refrain from saying anything contentious, lest they cause advertises trepidation.  They are so great they have a twitter operator who doesn't know the difference between "policy" and "police."

I'm well aware that I'm nitpicking and Sipho from Soweto who's going to call in and be allowed on the air to drone on and on between the adverts, even if he doesn't confine his contribution to the topic, doesn't mind and understands it's a mistake, but shouldn't we expect better from a broadcasting company?

Lead SA you say?  With the grammar like that, it's a no thanks from me.

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