Wednesday, 19 September 2012

This woman has a bush down below

And she wants you to know about it.  For no reason in particular as far as I can discern, apart from the need to fill the webpage with something that would "spark a debate" and making the author feel somehow important and remind her readers that she has a nice rack (and it is) by shoving her chest onto the camera lens.

Upon further reading it transpires that the writer is the Editor of something called Women24 (it's for women geddit) which means she would have been responsible for either compiling or okaying the slideshow that's inspired her to disclose the hairy state of her beaver.  Essentially, the whole thrust of this section of News24 is a group of bra burners get together, be non-conformist and badly-behaved (if the editor's t-shirt is anything to on) and have somehow deluded themselves into believing that they represent women's matters, they matter and if they shout loud enough, people will listen.

Sadly, this couldn't be further from the truth.  It might as well be in the running to be Nuts magazine's female cousin.  There's no depth, no imagination; there's just knee jerk reaction commentary on pop culture all laced with profanity.  And I'm okay with ladies discussing their "pink bits", advising each other on the techniques and the frequency with which blow jobs should be given (as often as is humanly possible please), perving on muscular celebrities and dropping f-bombs all over the place, but to present it under the banner of "women" is a bit of a stretch.

I've seen this done better elsewhere: reporting a "story" and let your panel of columnists tackle it with their opinions, with varying degrees of self-referentialism, a mere hours afterwards.  Even on that front this section doesn't live up to expectations.  We live in an unequal society and it's while it's titillating to read white middle class women advising each other on what lube to use next time they try anal sex, the vast majority of women (remember them) who would want to talk to somebody about women matters don't even have access to the internet.

 I sincerely hope they wanted to brand it and the suits stepped just before they purchased the domain name and stopped them in an effort to keep their advertisers.

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