Tuesday, 4 December 2012

230 countries, Fox News?

I know the nice people at Fox News are still upset that a Kenyan muslim won the election despite their four year hate campaign against him, but you'd think they'll have at least one person who can get something right in their building.

Captioning TuneIn CEO John Donham's interview with their Business Channel this morning they claimed that
his company offers radio stations with streaming in 230 countries.  The United Nations recognise 196 countries.  Add the breakaway countries in various feuding parts of the world, you may get 209.  But 230?

It's a good job Fox have segregated their audience and told them they can only get reliable information from them, otherwise they'd struggle in the open market.  Then again I may be horribly wrong;  maybe Tunein does stream to radio stations in other planets.

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