Saturday, 20 October 2012

SAFM podcasts fail

21/10/2012 - My recorder failed to record so I can't upload the podcast this week.  We'll try and rectify the problem for next week.

The SABC is defiantly refusing to step into the 21st century.  It's supposed to do all the things that commercial broadcasters either can't or won't do because they're not financially viable.  We then all chip in with the stealth tax commonly known as the TV licence fee and should be getting great programmes for it not the dross that populate the terrestrial channels.  Radio is not much better either.

If you're not a spotty teenager who wants to dance himself to exhaustion, you're out of luck if you don't leave in Gauteng or Western Cape as your only option for talk radio is SAFM.  And I've found it patchy at best.
One of the better shows is the rip off of Radio 4 Media Show,  Media @ SAFM with Ashraf Garda.  It goes out at 9am on Sundays and if you miss it or happen to be in the time zone where it airs at an ungodly hour, that's it you've missed it.  When Gavin Reddy criticised it and compared it to "cheap" 702, he was being very unfair to 702.

At least 702 have discovered podcasting, SAFM just arbitrarily upload short audio files onto Youtube and call them podcasts.  You'd think the only national "news and information" station would get something like this right and get the content out using all possible platforms.  It's not exactly rocket science, I've set up podcasting for a couple of companies and I'm no expert.  Hogging content and might have worked last century but people we live in times of a PVR;  people want to consume content at their leisure, not when broadcaster want them to.

Back to Media @ SAFM show, when I tweeted Mr Garda enquiring about the podcast for the show, I got no answer.  I can only surmise that none will be forthcoming.  I know a few people who could use it too and have asked for it.  So until SAFM releases the podcast of the show, I'll be hosting it here starting tomorrow. Call it a public service.

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