Monday, 22 October 2012

Daily Mail pulling the "bully" card

The Daily Mail wants you to know that it's the most read online news publication in the world, althought the New York Times is still disputing this claim, but they appear to be completely ignorant of the internet itself.  Because of the illusion of anonymity that comes with being able to spew bile to potentially billions of people from behind your keyboard, what you get online is human being at their most vicious.

Throw social media into the mix, you people trying to attract the attention of celebrities 24/7 by either
showering them with adulation or being dowright rude.  There are also people who've made it their business to send the most vile and messages to and or about famous figures to make themselves feel better of show off to their friends.

It used to be the preserve of lefty newspapers to harp on about bullying to the point where it became a synonym for robustly disagreeing with somebody, but the Daily Mail is in on it now.  Case in point: some idiots tweeted vile messages about Adele and her baby and it makes the front page.  And they'll be dining on it for days reporting when the people have been identified to when they get arrested.

The price of free speech is that we have to put up with idiots like these.  But papers like The Daily Mail would rather whip up outrage for profit than let free speech prevail.

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