Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wyclef Jean aggrandizing fail

Not exactly media but 20 years ago, paparazi would have had to climb fences to get a picture like this, but today celebrities tweet them out themselves directly to their fans and non-fans alike; and newspapers just grab and reprint them too, so this is the future of media and we're just a few years ahead of our time.

What they've yet to master is writing sentences that don't make them sound like sanctimonious assholes.  Case in point:  Wyclef Jean tweeting the above picture to let the world know that he's celebrating his 43rd birthday and that he's in good shape.  But he can't resist firing off an "inspirational quote", standard MO for celebrities because they must always inspire at every waking moment of their lives.  The inspirational tweet: "U cant keep à good Man down! Keep à smile when they want you to frown!"

Well, Mr Jean, if you happen to come across such a Man, please send him our way.

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