Friday, 12 October 2012

Joe Biden, The Daily Mail and bullying

Last night US Vice President Joe Biden locked horns with Mitt Romney's running mate on the Republican Party ticket, Paul Ryan, in a debate.  And they josled around and tried to outwit each other, you know, as a debate is supposed to unfold.  But the right wing media has gone all out to accuse Biden of being "disrespectful".

Funnily enough, these purveyors of politeness saw nothing wrong with Mitt Romney implying that President Obama was lying and likening him to his sons last week.  But one of their allies went a step further: they accused Biden of bullying.  That's a bit rich, coming from The Daily Mail.  Maybe we should remind them of all those TV starlets who have to endure their taunts on the daily basis because they've gained weight or they had the temerity to go to the shops without putting on make up.

Huge fail, Daily Mail.

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