Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I'm famous in, well wherever The Guardian is read

Now I know why Julius Malema says all those quotable things he says.  More importantly, I now know how he feels when he sees something he said a only a few hours prior appear in print.  But I suspect having newspapers present something I said a while ago as fresh utterances is something I'll have to confine to my

My 15 minutes came about as a result of a Guardian journalist's quest to jealously attack reprimand the online version of The Daily Mail for their obsession with female bodies.  I'm  not averse to a well-proportioned, shapely female body as you can glean from this post but I draw the line at 14 year olds being said to be "showing off their woman curves" and so does she.  I couldn't get through the rest but having read The Guardian before I think I can sum it up thus:  Looking at a woman is predatory bla bla bla. Being attracted to a woman for anything other than her personality and intellect is sexist bla bla bla. The editor of the Daily Mail is a chauvinist bla bla bla. Everyone on the right is a raving homophobe and a misogynist bla bla bla.  Then again I may be wrong.

See, I like hippies me.  Who would say no to all that free love?  Or have I woken up in a wrong decade.  That said, thanks for the hits hippies, careful not to choke on that muesli.  I'm off to bask on my new found fame.

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