Thursday, 8 November 2012

SAFM Media Show alternatives

I think I spoke too soon when I promised to upload SAFM podcasts.  It's proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated.

They use a different streaming format to all the other streaming stations so my system cannot record it.  But
having listened to the show in question, you're not missing much.  It's just mundane interviews with "creative" people.  So I'm going to suggest podcasts that do a similar if not better job that you can listen to at your leisure:

  • Media On Line:  They are also on top of media stories and will link to interesting articles (including podcasts) 
In light of recent developments, I don't see why anyone should patronise SAFM and as soon as everyone can afford to listen to alternatives, maybe we'll finally be able to get rid of the stealth tax that is the TV licence.  These podcasts should cover everything you need but if I find anything else in the meantime, I'll post it here.

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