Saturday, 3 November 2012

Reuters ANC Afriforum agreement headline fail

The ANC and the white special interest group, Afriforum reached an agreement on Wednesday that effectively ended their court battle and culminated in the ANC pledging to stop their supporters singing the song which led to the court case in the first place.

Quite how they intend to achieve that is not yet clear but if you read the story on the Reuters website like I did you'd have come away with the impression that the agreement was between the ANC and all white inhabitants of South Africa.  In fact, the word "Afriforum" does not feature in the story until the second paragraph and we all know that on the internet people only read the headline, look at the pictures and head straight to the comments section to let the world know what they think about the story they have not read.

This is a huge fail and I'm surprised that three full days after the day it was published they have not edited the headline.

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